Friday, 5 October 2018

Controcorrente - Controcorrente (1979)

The one and only album from this Italian one-man project.

This album and project was made by Massimo Ruggeri. It is sometimes being referred to his album and released in his name as Massimo Ruggeri - Controcorrente.

This album is not really an Italian progressive rock album at all. It is not a RPI album. But I have chosen to write a short review of it as it is available and easy to find.

Massimo Ruggeri does everything here from guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals.

The music is soft Italian pop with a lot of pastoral elements. It is a pretty beautiful album with a lot of elegant music. The Italian language and vocals is like a nice piece of fur on this album.

The music sounds dated though.

This forty minutes long album is not too bad and a decent journey through some pastoral pop music. Some may even like this album from the golden age of Italian pop.

It is a decent enough album and that is it.

2 points

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