Tuesday 30 April 2019

Styx - Edge Of The Century (1990)

The 12th album from this US band.

Styx was a quintet with a lineup of keyboards, guitars, drums, bass and vocals.
Numerous other guest musicians provided woodwinds.

Their previous couple of albums had been of dubious quality and I had given up on this band before I got a change of heart.

Edge Of The Century gives us a mix of AOR, funk, commercial rock and some heavy metal. All of this with the end of the 1980s sound.

Which means a plastic fantastic sound with all the stupid whistles and sounds.

The music on this album is bordering to being farcical. It is that so out there that I wonder if this band was serious when they recorded this album. Then a ballad comes and I get the feeling the band actually was serious.

This album is horrible beyond comprehension. It is turkey and a crime against all our senses. Avoid.

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