Friday 8 May 2020

Bardic Depths. The - The Bardic Depths (2020)

The debut album from this British project.

The band is a duo of Dave Bandana (harmonica, flute, keyboards, guitars, percussion, bass and vocals) and Brad Birzer (spoken words).
They had help from numerous other guests who provided drums, saxophone, guitars, strings, keyboards, organ, piano, drum programming, marimba, cello, spoken words and 

The same duo also run the Birzer Bandana project. It is my understanding that they had music which did not fit that concept. The result was The Bardic Depths.

The music on The Bardic Depths is a mix of neo-prog and Pink Floyd'ish prog. That is the latter days Pink Floyd.

The music is very melodic with some post-rock and ambient music influences. There is not much dynamics and hard rock here. There is no hard rock at all.

Less is more is the formula here. That means vocals + guitars and a couple of other instruments in every song.

The vocals are good and the sound too is really good.

There is not much going on during this one hour long album. The music is more dreamy than technical.

The music is also good throughout with some elegant details and melodies. This is an album well worth checking out.

3 points

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