Thursday, 27 September 2018

Fritsch. Eloy - Exogenesis (2012)

The ninth album from this Brazilian artist.

Eloy Fritsch continued and still continue to write and record his albums with the help from a mountain of synths. Eleven albums so far.

This is the final one of his albums I have got and I doubt that I will ever get more of his albums.

This album starts pretty bright with some electric guitars solos samples before going into a more Irish soundscape. Enya springs to mind.

There are even some female vocals here. Sampled off course.

The rest of this album is in the more traditional symphonic prog with synths landscape Eloy Fritsch lives in. His music, that is. There is a lot of space sounds here too.

The sound is bereft of any human life and is very plastic.

I am not a big fan of this sound. Rather; I do not like this sound at all. The music is decent enough. But it is still muzak in my ears.

2 points

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