Friday 20 September 2019

Dr. Dopo Jam - Fat Dogs & Danishmen (1974)

The second album from this Danish band.

The band has numerous musicians and the lineup was violins, bass, drums, guitars, woodwinds, vibraphone, percussion, clavinet, piano and vocals.

I liked their 1973 debut album Entree. It was mainly a Canterbury style album.

The band returned again for some more madness. Madness they delivered themselves.

Take mad Canterbury pop and rock, add some Krautrock, fusion, Frank Zappa, some Darts like doowop, brass rock and psych rock.

The band sounds very like much Supersister most at the time. Just with some added insanity and jazz.

There is method in this madness though and the songs are really good on this album. Good but not great.

There is a lot of very good details here and some not so interesting stuff. It still makes this album worth while the investment in listening sessions and money.

Check out this album.

3 points

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