Saturday 3 August 2019

Cosmograf - The Hay Man Dreams (2017)

The sixth album from this British project.

Cosmograf is Robin Armstrong and he does the guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals here.
He has got help from numerous other musicians who has provided drums, violin, guitar solos, spoken words and female vocals.

Cosmograf is one of the most impressive projects/bands coming out of UK in the last years. Robin Armstrong does not have the big PR machinery behind him and the music is not commercial enough to hit the scene as hard as for example Muse. Their albums is still impressive enough and a joy to behold for those of us who know this "secret" that is Cosmograf.

I wish Cosmograf was not a secret. But that is this day and age where every song has to be short and punchy. Not to mention; attached to a scandal or outrage.

Cosmograf falls a bit short in that respect.

I guess this is another Cosmograf concept album. Which is a great thing. The songs on this forty-five minutes long album is medium long with the title track being thirteen minutes long.

Both Pink Floyd and Marillion is a good reference here. The music is melodic and melancholic. It has a lot of passion and longing for what has been lost somewhere sometime.

That melancholy is also due to Robin's great vocals and the music leaning towards folk rock too. Fairport Convention comes to mind.

This is another very good album from Cosmograf and another triumph for the British prog rock cottage industry who keeps on churning out great acts. More people need to hear about Cosmograf.

3.5 points

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