Wednesday 25 December 2019

Big Big Train - Grand Tour (2019)

The 12th album from this British band.

The band was a seven piece big band with a lineup of guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, violin, viola, cello, percussion, accordion and vocals.
The band was helped out by a string quartet, woodwinds and double bass.

One of the purposes of this blog is to find new bands I can follow. In the case of Big Big Train, that is very much the case. If the band release any more records and or gig my local town, I will be there.

Grand Tour follows on from the other albums of theirs.

Peter Gabriel'ish vocals and a lot of Genesis like symphonic and neo-prog. Big Big Train has taken this concept a lot further with string and woodwinds.

The songs has got a very big and complex production. It is therefore no surprise that the album ticks in at seventy-five minutes.

These minutes covers a lot of ground. Most of it symphonic without being classical music. The roots are clearly neo-prog.

The music is very good throughout. This album is a smorgasboard for those of us who likes symphonic neo-prog. There is no better band in this sub-genre of the neo-prog genre than Big Big Train.

My only gripe is the lack of a great track and some better song writing. That aside, this album is recommended.

3.5 points

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