Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Aragon - Mouse (1995)

The fourth album from this Australian band.

The band was a trio with a lineup of bass, drums, keyboards, guitars and vocals.
A guest musician provided saxophone.

I have only got two albums from this Australian band and they gives me a short glimpse into the world of this band. I do not really what to make out of that.

Their first album was pretty decent neo-prog album and well worth checking out.

On Mouse, the band has created a concept album. A ninety minutes long concept album.

We are still pretty much in the neo-prog genre. There is also some pretty strong amount of pomp rock here and a lot of Genesis like symphonic prog.

The music is at times pretty hard too.

The vocals is a bit shrieking and feels forced. The two other band members does a good job on guitars, keyboards, bass and drums.

The sound is too much in the 1980s for my liking. Well, this album has the 1980s sound.

This is a name your price download and a pretty much obligatory download. The quality is somewhere between decent and good. Those into melodic prog will find something to like on this album as it is pretty varied and has something for most tastebuds.

2.5 points

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