Wednesday 27 May 2020

Carptree - Man Made Machine (2005)

The third album from this Swedish band.

The band is a duo with a lineup of piano, synths (Carl Westholm) and vocals (Niclas Flinck).
They had help from numerous other musicians who provided bass, drums, percussion, guitars, backing vocals and a chamber choir.

I have reviewed most of their albums before and I like this band. Their albums has given me some good symphonic neo-prog.

This is also the case for this album.

We get one hour of melodic, symphonic neo-prog.

There are a lot of of Swedish symphonic prog in their take on neo-prog too and that is a good thing.

There is also some Yes and in particular; Gentle Giant references in their music. The music is pretty Gentle Giant'ish at times. Gentle eclectic prog.

The vocals is good and the soundscape had a lot of interesting details.

There is no great melodies here or any great pieces of music. That is my only gripe with this album. Besides of that, this is a good album and well worth checking out.

3 points

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