Friday, 6 March 2020

Ars Nova - Seventh Hell (2009)

The seventh and final album from this Japanese band.

The band is a quartet with a lineup of synths, keyboards, bass, drums and vocals.
The band had some help from seven other musicians who provided guitars, bass, drums, percussion, drum programming and vocals.

I have very sporadic reviewed a couple of their albums and has indeed also been listening to this album before a review was discontinued. But I decided to get on with this album again after a many years long break from it.

ELP and in particular Keith Emerson has a lot to answer for. Ars Nova is one of those bands from Japan who has been very inspired by ELP and him.

Ars Nova is a mostly female band and has added their female vocals and female take on keyboards music. There is also some goth metal here and some Japanese neo-classic music.

There is also a lot of guitars here on this fifty minutes long album.

The music is very epic and very loud. Very loud indeed and it does not leave much space to imagination.

The music is full on most of the time. There are some vocals and sporadic normal rock melodies in between these cascades of synths and guitars.

The quality is somewhere between decent and good. This is a pretty good band too and their albums deserve some attention. Mostly because of their ELP influences.

2.5 points

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