Thursday 24 December 2020

Mad Crayon - Drops (2020)

The fourth album from this Italian band.

The band is a quartet with a lineup of bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals.

The band was helped by some guest musicians who provided drums and backing vocals.

Mad Crayon debuted back in 1994 with an album called Ultimo Miraggio. They then released an album in 1999 and 2009 before a long break followed.

The band is an Italian band and has been associated with the Rock Progressive Italiano - RPI - scene. I also believe I have reviewed their other albums too. 

.... And I am wrong as I have actually only reviewed their 2009 album Preda an a review can be found at this link. A review of Ultimo Miraggio will follow next year. 

Drops gives us one hour of everything from pop to some rock, funk, jazz, vaudeville rock and a bit of Italian progressive rock.

The quality is not really that good and I am having really difficulties finding many positivities from this album. It is a name your price album from this link and it is well worth checking out, I guess.

This is a decent album but nothing more than that.

2 points







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