Friday 30 October 2020

Hyaline Grace - Hyaline Grace (2019)

The one and only album from this Canadian duo.

The duo is Katherine Bark (all vocals) and Tyler Martin (guitars, flute, bass, synths, drums).

The album is a Bandcamp album and a name your price album. The link is here.

The band is new to me and I do not know anything about them.

The music is very much female vocals dominated and the vocals is really good. 

The music is a mix of dream pop, neo-prog, goth metal and AOR. 

The album is forty minutes long and that is a good start and length for an album like this. At least for the likes of me. I like this new trend of shorter, punchier debut albums. 

The vocals are really good and dreamy. The music is not that good.

Nevertheless, this is a decent album and well worth checking out if modern metal is your cup of tea.

2 points



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