Sunday 22 July 2018

Birth Control - Operation (1971)

The second album from this German band.

The band was a quartet with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, organ, drums and vocals.

I very much liked their 1970 self-titled debut album and I wrote so in my review of this album which you can find here.

The band has moved on a bit from that album on this album they have called Operation.

Gone is most of the ELP influences and in comes a bit harder rock. Deep Purple must have been an inspiration on this album. There is still a lot of psych and blues rock here too.

The music on this forty minutes long album is hard, but also very clever. The vocals are really both raw and meaty. They are perfectly suited to their music.

There are also a couple of more pastoral songs here and not all of the music is hard rockers. The more pastoral songs are more in the Queen mode than pastoral, though. They do not add any extra quality to this album whatsoever. They actually makes this album worse after a very promising start and middle part of this album.

The end result is another good album from this band. A band I feel can become another great find in my pursuit for new/old music. Check it out.

3 points

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