Sunday 28 October 2018

Gryphon - ReInvention (2018)

The sixth album from this British band.

Gryphon is a sextet on this album with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, violin, mandolin, harmonica, keyboards, bass crumhorn, bassoon, baritone sax, fife, piccolo, flute, clarinet, soprano crumhorn, soprano sax, percussion and vocals.

I certainly did not expect the band to return again after a hiatus of forty years. But they have and I soon heard a lot of positive noises about this album. Hence, I bought it.

Back in 2016, I reviewed all their albums for # 1 of this blog. I liked their albums a lot and still do. So a new album was very welcome.

The band has reverted to their good old style from their best years and their best albums. Medieval classical music combined with folk rock. That is what Gryphon did on their best albums.

... And that is what we get here. And it is not a short album either. One hour. One hour with great flutes and medieval instruments and a great folk music feel.

The vocals are really good too and this album is a feast for Gryphon fans who surely must get a heart attack by listening to this album.

The music is not great though and the album runs out of good ideas during the end. The overall quality is good though and this is an album among the better of their six albums.

This album is surely the best comeback of the year and one to enjoy.

3.5 points


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