Thursday 16 April 2020

Inner Prospekt - Canvas One (2020)

The ninth album from this Italian one-man project.

Inner Prospekt is the Mad Crayon's member Alessandro Di Benetti's solo-project. He does the percussion, piano, keyboards and vocals here.
He has got help from numerous other musicians who provides bass, harp, keyboards, drums and vocals.

Alessandro started the project in 2014 and I reviewed the fifth album, the 2016 album Deep Ghosts, three years ago. It is a good album.

Back to 2020 again..... The music on Canvas One is symphonic prog with a few neo-prog influences. A couple of songs are lifted from one of his other projects, Samurai Of Prog and the Bernard & Porsti album Gulliver I recently reviewed.

The rest of the material on this seventy minutes long album is original songs for Inner Prospekt.

The music is lush with female and male vocals, English and Italian vocals. There is also some Middle East influences here and lots of Italian symphonic prog influences.

The music is still pretty mainstream symphonic prog with long songs and very interesting instrumental parts of the music. There is also some pretty good opera and classical music influences on this album.

The music is also very good and well worth the time and effort the listener puts into this album. It is a recommended album, indeed.

3.5 points


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