Tuesday 20 August 2019

Orion Dust - Duality (2016)

The debut album from this band from France.

The band was a sextet with a lineup of bass, drums, keyboards, guitars and female vocals.
They had help from some guest musicians who provided flute, drums, percussion and guitars.

To this date, the band has released two albums. I got both of them and will review the other one quite soon.

This is a band who has not registered on many progheads radar. Which is a bit of a shame.

The music here is heavy prog. Heavy prog with a powerful female vocalist and vocals.

A good reference is Touchstone and Panic Room from UK. It is in that area.

The music is a mix of really heavy prog rock and more pastoral ballads. There is also a lot inbetween those two extremes.

The guitars are always there, going from harsh to powerful guitars.

Unfortunate, there is no really great or even very good songs here. There is hardly any good songs here at all. It is still an acceptable debut album. But it falls a bit short.

2.5 points

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