Saturday 25 April 2020

Hammill. Peter - Consequences (2012)

The 37th album from this British artist.

Peter Hammill does everything himself here. Guitars, keyboards, bass and vocals.

This is another true solo-album from Peter Hammill, the front-man in Van Der Graaf Generator. This band is one of my alltime favourite bands and that is the reason why I review Peter Hammill's albums.

I am not a big fan of singer-songwriter albums. I need instruments and much more inputs than just vocals and some sparse instruments to pique my interest and attention.

Peter Hammill sings about all the ills on this forty-eight minutes long album.

The art of good song writing is a bit absent here. A few songs are interesting but that is all.

There is far too much of his vocals on his album. If he could step a bit away from the microphone and do some music too, that would had lifted this album a lot.

The result is a gloomy album where the songs are being strangled to death by far too much vocals. This is a decent album but only that.

2 points


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