Wednesday 16 September 2020

Regent - Illusions (2016)


The one and only album from this UK band.

The band is a duo with a lineup of guitars and backing vocals. 

The duo, Jonathan Youdale and Martin Collins, has hired in guest musicians who do drums, percussion, bass, keyboards, saxophones, male and female vocals.

This album has got next to no exposure in the prog media and that is a bit of a shame. All albums deserve to be heard and reviewed.

Hence, this review.

The band has described this as a neo-prog album. The album has five songs and clocks in at exactly half an hour.

Truth to be told, this album is somewhere in a no-mans land as it is neither fully rock, pop or neo-prog. There is elements of all of this and it also comes with a whiff of Pink Floyd and Radiohead.

There is a mix of female and male vocals here. The saxophones adds a lot of texture to the music and the music is at times pretty heavy.

Unfortunate, this album does not really have any good songs. It is ticking over but there is little here to warrant any attention.

This is a decent enough album and just that. 


2 points






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