Saturday 4 April 2020

Passport - Doldinger (1971)

The debut album from this German band.

Passport was a quintet with a lineup of saxophones, flute, organ, keyboards, drums and bass.

This band is the band of Klaus Doldinger and it has had a long career. I reviewed their seventh studio album Iguacu back in April 2012 and then purchased their two boxes. For various reasons, I have not come around to review the rest of their albums.... before now.

Klaus Doldinger decided to record this album after some time as a sax player. It was first meant as a solo album under the name Doldinger. The album was given the title Passport.
For some reasons, that changed and the band was given the name Passport and the album suddenly became Doldinger. A smart move in my view as Passport is a much better band name.

The music on this album is honest fusion. Jazz rock is what many would have called this album.

On the surface and after the first listening sessions, it seems like there is more jazz here than rock.

That is slightly wrong. There is a lot of funk and a lot of rock here too. It is subtle, but it gives the album a lot of character and identity.

There is off course a lot of saxophones here and the saxophones are very good. Klaus Doldinger also gives the organ and the flute a lot of space and that really adds a lot of quality to this album.

The music is not very intense. Nevertheless, the mid-tempo fusion is very effective and gives us forty minutes plus of really good music.

I agree with those who says that Passport never got the attention they deserved. This is indeed a good band and this is their debut album. Check it out ! 

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