Saturday 2 February 2019

McDonald & Giles - McDonald & Giles (1970)

The first album from this British band.

McDonald & Giles was a duo who contributed with woodwinds, drums, guitar, organ, piano, percussion and vocals on this album.
They were helped out by some guest musicians who did organ, bass, piano and trombone. Steve Winwood and Peter Giles was among the guest musicians. Peter Sinfield did the lyrics.

Giles, Giles & Fripp is the origin for this band. They changed their name to King Crimson and then released In The Court Of Crimson King before that version of King Crimson split up. The new King Crimson then released the Lizard album and the rest is history. And another member of King Crimson started ELP too.

...And two members from the first King Crimson album started out as McDonald & Giles. They released this album. An album who has got semi-legendary status due to it's connection with King Crimson.

It is an album I have always wanted to review. But it has only landed on my desk this year.

It is an album with a lot of whimsy pop-prog. Take The Beatles and add some psych-folk. Add some Kevin Ayers too and you get this album.

It is quite a charming album with a lot of ideas scattered around these forty odd minutes. The end product is not that good and the album is slightly unsatisfactory. It is well worth checking out, though.

2 points


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