Tuesday 9 October 2018

Copious - Neo Fusion (1986)

The one and only album from this US band.

The band was a quartet with a lineup of guitars, keyboards, bass and drums.

Almost nothing is known about this band. They released this album and then disappeared again. It is very unlikely that this album shifted a lot of copies. It was also released on a very small record label.

The music on  this album was not exactly the flavour of those times either. Or the flavour of any decades after the happy 1970s. Hence this album's obscurity. There is not even a review of it at ProgArchives.

So I will write some words about this album and then express an opinion. My opinion.

The music on this forty minutes long album is fusion. Slick fusion with the plastic fantastic 1980s sound. There is not much of the organic sound from the 1970s here.

You get some slick guitars and synths over a tight rhythm section. The synths, described as keyboards here, has a pretty bad plastic like sound. The guitars are not much better.

The music is too dynamic to make it a movie score but too slick to really interest the fusion fans. So this album falls a bit between two chairs and two camps.

There are a couple of good tracks here and this album is by no means an album worth avoiding. I think it deserves a listen or two. And some more reviews.

The quality is decent enough although the 1980s sound is pretty bad.

2 points

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  1. I know you reviewed this 2 years ago but you where a bit harsh granted music is subjective. I think these guys have very tight arrangements and chops. Slapper the 2nd composition has as the title states some really great healthy bass riffing and then theres the lovely all might Yamaha DX-7 thats all over the record (and thoseYES Simmons drums)! BUT in hindsight the music still runs circles around what passes as musicianship today. Id would have given the release a star more for the musicianship alone but then again the older I get the more i return to the 80s to appreciate some of the obscurities in favor of over played titles I was spoon feed over the years.