Monday 16 March 2020

Offramp - Turbulence (2019)

The ninth album from this New Jersey, USA based band.

I do not know anything about this band. The lineup from what I can hear, is drums, bass, guitars, synths and keyboards.

I have not heard their previous eight albums and this band is a mystery to me as they have no social media presence from what I can see.

The band is offering up one hour of medium dynamic instrumental rock. Add some fusion too and you get the picture.

References are Camel, Vangelis and Pink Floyd.

Other references are the other numerous bands and studio projects doing the same genre. They all do instrumental music bordering to ambient music.

The music here is not ambient. There is not many interesting details in the music either.

The music is not too bad. But it is not really something that appeals to the progressive rock crowd. I find this album pretty dull and uninspiring. Hence my lack of enthusiasm.

1.5 points

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