Tuesday 9 March 2021

Apogee - Waiting For The Challenge (2012)

The seventh album from this German one man band.

Arne Schafer does the keyboards, guitars, bass and vocals himself.

Two drummers are alternating on laying down the drums on this album.

Arne continues in the same vein on this album as he has done on the previous three albums.... if not longer.

That means neo-prog with a lot of Pink Floyd and some The Tangent influences. 

The music is pretty melancholic and very much in the vein of the German neo-prog scene. A scene Apogee is one of the founding members of.

The music is pretty epic and majestic throughout. The vocals as good but the sound is pretty thin and would had been better with some xtra beefing up. Most albums from one-man-bands is suffering from this.

There is not much negative things I can say about this album. This album is vaguely good and it is a solid one.

Neo-prog fans and in particular fans of German neo-prog should check out this album.

3 points

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