Tuesday 18 May 2021

Baro Prog Jets - Utopie (2021)

The second album from this band from Italy.

The band is Alberto Baro Molesini on bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals + Gigi Murari on drums and percussion.

They got help from some guest musicians who provided bass, guitars and piano.

The band debuted with the double CD Lucille & Giado / Topic Wurlenio back in 2019. 

I have not heard that album but I understand it is pretty similar to Utopie, the album I am now reviewing.

The vocals here are in English and the band has tried to make an album similar to Pink Floyd, Genesis and King Crimson. 

There is some great dissimilarities between those three bands so the band has ended up with this one hour long album.

The music is very melodic with some bombastic symphonic prog influences. There is a lot of Yes influences here and the band most of all sounds like Yes. 

The vocals is pretty poor and the music really fails to fire of the imagination of the listener. The music is simply not good enough although the sound is good.

This is a decent album but nothing more than that. I am not the least won over by this album.

2 points


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  1. Hi Torodd, Alberto of Baro prog here. Your opinion on this album, of course, makes me a little bit sad.
    Some things I would like to ask:
    - why do you think that we have tried to sound like "Pink Floyd, Genesis and King Crimson" while then you say "the band most of all sounds like Yes"? Anyway I think that all of these influences are present, Pink Floyd the least while Yes and KC most;
    - you say "The music is simply not good enough although the sound is good", I thought the opposite (production lacks something) and I hope it is so... or that we can both be right, it's a matter of taste;
    - I would like to understand if you're replying to other reviews, positive about an album you think does not deserve too much consideration;
    - how did you get in touch with the album?
    Anyway, if you wish to know something more, you can find the other 2 prog-jets (the first issue was a double casket) at https://baroprog.bandcamp.com/.
    Thank you for your attention