Saturday 14 March 2020

G.A.L.F. - Spirals Of Time (2006)

The one and only album from this band from Brazil.

The band was a quartet with a lineup of bass, drums, guitars and vocals.
Two guest musicians provided keyboards and backing vocals.

This band was formed by Fernando Pacheco who back then played in Recordando O Vale Das Macas. He has released two solo albums in the last two years too.

Fernando got three more musicians to join him and then got a keyboard player before the album was recorded. It was meant as a studio project and stayed that way.

The music is a mix of Genesis and in particular; The Flower Kings. There is also some local flavours here, but not many. There is also some fusion here.

The music is keyboards  and guitars driven. There is more keyboards than I expected.

The music is mainly middle of the road rock and neo-prog. I do not find much symphonic prog here, to be honest.

The vocals are in English and they are good. Ditto for the sound.

This one hour long album is a good album, indeed. It is an album worth checking out if you can find it.

3 points

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