Thursday 15 August 2019

Spiral Orchestra - Atlas Ark (2019)

The debut album from this band from Switzerland.

The band is a twenty piece big band with a lineup of digdgeridoo, piano, bass, percussion, cello, violin, guitars, woodwinds, flute, programming, male and female choir.

Tomas Chaillan is the man behind this project and the music is about the world. It is instrumental but that is what they says it is.

The music is a mix of symphonic prog and soundtrack music.

It is over seventy minutes long too.

The sound is very big with a major orchestra feel. Only when the guitar solos comes through does this feel like it is not an orchestral piece of music. There is a lot of guitars here and the rock feeling is very much here.

Albums like this can feel and sound very sterile. This album has a bit more soul to it than I expected... and feared.

The problem with this album is the lack of any really great pieces of music. There are some good stuff here and some not so good stuff. Seventy minutes is a bit much of this...

The overall conclusion is that this is a.... under doubt..... good album. It will probably not grace my ears on a frequent basis, though.

3 points

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