Sunday, 24 June 2018

Life Line Project - 20 Years After (2012)

The eight album from this Dutch band.

Life Line Project is a ten members big band with a lineup of keyboards, drums, bass, percussion, woodwinds, guitars, strings and vocals. Most vocals are female vocals.

This is another rock opera or rock opera'ish album from Life Line Project. They have alternated between band albums and rock operas on the last albums. And that is a good thing.

The music is a blend of symphonic prog and baroque classical music. The baroque classical music adds a lot of value to this album. The symphonic prog and the female vocals are also good.

The flutes are very good and there is a lot of good keyboards and synths sounds from Erik De Beer.
The rock parts feels a bit out of tune with the rest of the material here.

The album is close to eighty minutes long, the max length of a CD. They have used this format well and gives value for money.

This is a good album which does not offer any great songs. I have heard better albums from this band. But this album is not disgracing the band and is adding value to a rather strange band. A band I quite like.

3 points

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