Saturday 24 October 2020

Katsionis. Bob - Turn Of My Century (2002)

The debut album from this artist from Greece.

This guitarist and keyboard player had help from a drummer and a bassist.

Bob Katsionis is the guitarist in both Nightfall and Septic Flesh. Those two bands are both successful and good bands from Greece.

He has on his own so far released six albums in the fusion, metal and guitar shredding genre.

The music is a mix of metal and fusion. There is some folk rock from Greece and the Middle East included too on this album. There is also some ambient nodding off on this fifty-five minutes long album too.

Bob mostly uses the guitars, but the keyboards is underpinning the melodies too.

Both the keyboards and the guitars are shredding in a pretty fast speed.

I have to admit this not a particular interesting album. The music here is at best only half-decent. Hence the lack of enthusiasm from my side.

1.5 points

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