Saturday 23 June 2018

Vago Sagrado - Vol II (2017)

The second album from this Chile band.

The band is a trio with the lineup of guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Both Spanish and English vocals.

I really liked their debut album and you can read my review here. A good psych/space rock album.

The band gives us more of the same on this almost forty minutes long album. Although there is some subtle differences.

There are even less space rock on this album than on the debut album. Psych and post-rock has taken over their sound and music.

There is a lot of harsh, dissonant guitars here. Walls of it. There are also some very effective and good half acoustic guitars here. 

The vocals is adding spice to this album too. The music though is the most important here as the vocals is pretty much in the background in the mix.

There is a lot of good details and melody lines here. A lot of what makes both psych and post-rock good. There is an acidic feel over this album and a good one too.

I hope to hear a lot more from this group in the future. Enjoy this very good album.

3.5 points

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