Monday 22 October 2018

Undominated. The - Epiphany (2015)

The debut album from this USA based project.

The Undominated is the project of Jonathan Mildner from Wallkill, New York.
He is doing most of the instruments here and has got help from a vocalist and some guitarists.

I am not really sure where to put the progressive rock borders. In particular symphonic prog. Is bands like Sky progressive rock ? No.

And neither is this project.

This album is eighty minutes long. That is eighty minutes with some instrumental monumental neo-classical music intercepted by some AOR and then finishing off with some neo-classical instrumental music again.

That is not symphonic prog.

It is nevertheless music which deserves a listen or five. Music which deserves to be taken seriously.

There is a lot of Mike Oldfield inspirations on this album. An album which is a bit too long. It is a decent album though and one to check it out as it is a Bandcamp album.

This is a decent enough album.

2 points


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