Monday 9 July 2018

Everon - North (2008)

The seventh and final album from this German band.

Everon was a quartet on this album with a lineup of piano, keyboards, bass, guitars, percussion, drums and vocals.
The band had help from a female vocalist, cello player and a classical orchestra.

I have reviewed their first six albums with great interest during the last months. You can read these reviews somewhere else in this blog.

Everon is a band who operated somewhere between Saga and Dream Theater. They were never really a progressive metal band. They were more a hard rock and pomp rock band. The English band Magnum springs to mind in that genre too.

The music on this album is both pomp and beautiful at times. In particular with the vocals from Judith Stuber. But the main vocals from Oliver Phillips is also very good and equally good.

The cello and the sympony orchestra also adds value to this album which is also pretty hard at times.
The good songs are the main focus here.

This is another good album from this German band who I hope will one day reform. Check out their albums.

3 points

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