Wednesday 6 November 2019

Drifting Sun - Planet Junkie (2019)

The sixth album from this Multi-National band.

The band/project is a quartet with a line-up of guitars, drum-programming, bass, drums and vocals.
They had help from ten other musicians who provided saxophones, strings, organ, clarinet and vocals.

I have not exactly been too impressed by their previous output. You can read one review here and the other one somewhere else in this blog.

The band does neo-prog and has always dedicated themselves to this genre. Colin Mold is on board as a guest-vocalist too here and there is even female vocals.

This album is one hour long and it has some rock opera influences on the top of the neo-prog. The music is complex.

I have always got the feeling that their neo-prog is soulless and lacks human life. That is why I have never been a fan.

The music is still too clinical in my view and I am again failing to be impressed.

The songs are somewhere thereabouts. Some of them are rather good while others are decent enough.

This is another decent to good album from this band/project. An album from neo-prog fanatics.

2.5 points

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