Thursday 13 September 2018

Jaivas. Los - Los Sueños De América 1979

The fifth album from this band from Chile.

This is a cooperation between the singer Manduka and Los Jaivas. The band was a quintet with a lineup of percussions, bass, drums, piano, handclaps, flutes, guitars and Spanish vocals.

It is my understanding that Los Jaivas was the backup band for Manduka here. He was born in Brazil and moved to Chile and then to Europe where he passed away far too young in 2004, 52 years old. He also released a lot of albums on his own in his too short life.

Los Suenos De America is almost forty minutes long and takes the band and Manduka into a landscape somewhere between folk rock and primitive krautrock. Amon Duul is a good reference in the krautrock scene.

There is also a lot of pop music on this album which does not really have any complicated progressive music. It is a lot of sing-along music here.

The music here is not particular interesting as it is pretty evident that this is Manduka's album.

It is still a fairly decent album which only fans of Los Jaivas will appreciate. I am not that big fan of this band and would recommend handle this album with care.

1.5 points

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