Thursday 5 September 2019

Celeste - Il Risveglio Del Principe (2019)

The fourth album from this Italian band.

The band is now one man, Ciro Perrino, on percussion, glockenspiel, mellotron, minimoog, piano, organ and vocals.
He had help from numerous other musicians on harpsichord, flute, guitars, organ, saxophone, cello, violin, bass, drums, narration, gong and vocals.

Celeste really only released one album before this one. Their second and third album was cobbled together by studio outtakes and was never meant as albums.

Their debut album Principe Di Un Giorno from 1976 is widely regarded as a masterpiece so it is understandable that the demand for more albums was high. Hence their second and third album.
You can find my review of Principe Di Un Giorno here.

Celeste plays pastoral sounding RPI - Rock Progressive Italiano. There is a lot of flute, vocals and tangents here.

The music is soft, but still intricate. It is by no means easy listening. There is a lot of really interesting details here.

Is this fifty minutes long album as good as the 1976 debut album ? No. It is in the same vein and it is fair to say that Celeste is an unique band in the RPI scene. They have carved out their own niche.

And this is indeed a very good album who will please and bring joy to everyone into RPI and pastoral progressive rock. Check it out.

3.5 points

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