Saturday 27 October 2018

Koenjihyakkei - Dhorimviskha (2018)

The fifth album from this Japanese band.

The band is a sextet on this album with a lineup of bass, drums, clarinet, saxophone, keyboards, guitars and vocals.

Koenjihyakkei has always been labeled as Magma on caffeine. And based on their previous four albums, that is a very good point and spot on.

Their music has always been hyper-busy zeuhl. Their last album was Angherr Shisspa some thirteen years ago.

Would another Koenjihyakkei show up thirteen years after Angherr Shisspa ? There is a lot of bands who has changed during long breaks. I was very nervous and putting off listening to this album. It took me two months to pick up the courage.

I did not have to be that worried.

Yes, the band has slowed down a bit and become a tad more like Magma... But not by much. Their music is still as frantic as heck. As frantic as one with too much caffeine in the blood.

The female vocals is still here. The loony male vocals is here. The Japanese vocals is still here and the music is frantic. The music is leaning a bit more towards jazz this time. It is still a zeuhl album, though.

And it is a very good album. An album which will not disappoint any fans of this band and zeuhl. It is an album you have to check out and enjoy. Go so forth.

3.5 points

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