Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Fuchs - Station Songs (2018)

The third album from this German artist.

Fuchs is Hans-Jurgen Fuchs on bass, guitars, piano, keyboards, lap steel and backing vocals. In Fuchs, he also have six other musicians who provides bass, piano, drums, guitars, synths and vocals.

I have reviewed their first album Leaving Home from 2012 and I liked that album. You can read my five years old review here.  I have just put in an order for the second album The Unity Of Two from 2014 and will review that in due time.

Fuchs plays neo-prog in the good old German vein. That means neo-prog with a dark undertone and an emotional sound.

The vocals is really good and the music has a pretty big sound with a lot of keyboards. Some of the keyboards has a Mellotron sound.

This album is over an hour long and is a good one. The vocals is a bit heavy accented, but that is not a problem. I just note it and appreciate the value these good vocals adds to this album. An album which is pretty mid-tempo.

Fans of German neo-prog already knows about this band and will get this album. It is a good album throughout.

3 points

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