Thursday 18 July 2019

Novela - In The Night (1980)

The second album from this Japanese band.

The band was a sextet with a lineup of keyboards, bass, guitars, drums and vocals.

I reviewed their 1980 debut album La Songerie six years ago for # 1 of this blog and was not impressed. Too much old heavy metal for my liking.

I intend to review their third and fourth album too this summer.

The band is supposed to be a symphonic prog band. And yes, the band is making a tour to symphonic prog. That inbetween some heavy metal stuff.

All of this is Japanese heavy metal and symphonic prog despite of the English vocals. The vocals is thin and not so muscular in the European/US meaning of muscular vocals.

There are some good majestic symphonic prog here on this album too. Something I did not expect after the horrid opening of this album.

Of these forty minutes of music on this album, half of it is good and the rest of it is decent to horrid. Well, there is parts here who are very good indeed.

A bit of a strange album, this one. But still worth checking out.

2.5 points


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