Wednesday 7 November 2018

Tryo - Crudo (1998)

The second album from this band from Chile.

Tryo is a trio on this album with a lineup of guitars, bass, percussion, cello, drums and vocals.

I reviewed their 1996 self-titled album one month ago for his blog and you can find that review somewhere else in this blog. I was not too impressed with their heavy rock and fusion crossover.

That album was a mild earthquake compared to the shock Crudo gave me.

This three quarter of an hour long album comes in two halves.

The first half is a live album with power heavy metal with some fusion influences. But it is mostly heavy metal and the guitar solos is not interesting. Neither is the music. It is a pretty dull first half of this album, to be brutally honest.

The final half sees the band turns into a classical music chamber orchestra. Yes, there is nothing wrong with your eyesight. Classical music chamber orchestra.

The music is totally acoustic and based on a cello with some acoustic guitars inbetween.

This half is pretty dull too. It has a couple of decent ideas but that is all.

I am not impressed at all with this half-decent album. It is well worth avoiding.

1.5 points

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