Sunday 20 May 2018

Everon - Venus (1997)

The third album from this German band.

Everon was a quartet with a lineup of synths, keyboards, percussion, drums, bass, guitars, piano and vocals.

I have reviewed their first two albums and I intend to review the rest of their albums this summer. You can read my read these reviews somewhere else in this blog.

I have not been impressed by their two first albums. Their pomp rock and heavy prog rock did not impress me. Neither did their level of songwriting.

The band is back again with this album. It is almost one hour long. Plenty of music, in other words.

The band still does a mix if pomp rock in the vein of Saga and hard prog. There is some Dream Theater lurking around here too.

There are also some ballads and some more symphonic prog here. The band even use some classical orchestra samples here and adds them on some songs.

The vocals are per usual very good. Oliver Phillips always delivered the goods.

The band has really expanded their sound a lot and gone bigger and bolder.

That too is reflected in the quality of the songs. The result is their best album so far and a good album. It is an album I really like a lot. Check it out if this sounds something you may like.

3 points


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