Saturday 13 October 2018

Sinclair. Dave - Out Of Sinc (2018)

The seventh album from this British artist.

Dave Sinclair does most of the vocals and keyboards on this album. He has got help from numerous other more or less famous guest musicians on woodwinds, bass, drums, guitars, rainstick, female vocals, choirs and tin whistle.

Among the more known musicians is Andrew Latimer and Pye Hastings.

Dave Sinclair is an ex member of both Camel and Caravan. That was when both bands were pretty vibrant. So he has paid his dues.

This is my first ever meeting with his solo work. I am not a fan of old musicians going solo as the result tends to be pretty uninteresting but well meaning pop/rock albums.

This is one of those well meaning pop/rock albums.

There is a musical feel over this album. Lots of guest artists contributes on this one hour long album. The music is a mix of English rock, musicials, some Irish folk rock influenced pop and retro-rock. 

There is plenty of very nice female and male vocals. The melodies are toothless and does not have much substance. The guitar solos are pretty bland too and does not add much joy and interest to this music.

The end result is well meaning, nice music. A nice, well meaning album with not much substance.
It is a decent album though. And that is the nicest thing I can write about this album.

2 points

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