Saturday 16 June 2018

Gee. Peter - The Bible (2018)

The seventh album from this British artist.

Peter Gee did the bass, guitars and keyboards here. He had help from a lineup of trumpet, violin, drums, vocals and narration.

Peter Gee is the bassist in Pendragon. He has also released seven Christianity themed albums. The first one back in 1993. All of them has got good reviews. I have yet to get into them.

This time around, Peter Gee has tried to put music to The Bible. Quite a big task. Many has tried the same and some has failed. Most has failed, to be honest.

This album gives us narration, song, narration, song, narration........ and the same throughout the seventy minutes long album. The lyrics are also taken from The Bible, believe it or not.

A concept album in other words. And the music is more rock than progressive rock.

The narrations is a bit over the top. The songs are nice and pretty OK.......... And I am trying to be a reasonable objective reviewer.

The songs are pretty sweet and not long. Some of the songs are rather good. The narration is slightly annoying and some songs are decent enough.

This album speaks more to a Christian audience than to a prog rock audience. Send this show on a tour around the Christian churches like Neal Morse does and this will become a hit there. Based on the music alone, this album is somewhere between decent and good.

2.5 points


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