Tuesday 28 April 2020

Hammill. Peter - ...All That Might Have Been... (2014)

The 39th album from this British artist.

Peter Hammill did all the electronics and vocals himself on this album.
No guest musicians appeared here.

Peter Hammill has again moved on a bit from the last one of his albums I reviewed... the singer/songwriter album Consequences from 2012.

All That Might Have Been is a two hours long album.

The album has a lot of ambient music generated by computers on the bottom with Peter's voices on the top of that again.

Cinematic music, it is called. CD 1 is cinematic music with his vocals on the top. CD 2 is more like not so cinematic music and some more stripped down music. All with vocals.

In truth, all the two hours are cinematic music with his vocals on the top.

The result is a highly original and highly eccentric album from a pretty eccentric man. Eclectic is the music, indeed.

The quality..... well, I am supposed to be a fan boy of him. I have yet to find any good piece of music on this album. The end result does not match the idea and the ambitions. This is barely a decent album, saved by the vocals.

2 points

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