Saturday, 24 October 2020

Hayward & Lodge - Blue Jays (1975)

The one and only album from this British duo.

Justin Hayward did guitars and vocals while John Lodge did bass, guitars and vocals here.

The duo had help from some guest musicians who provided drums, violin, viola, French horn, piano, keyboards and vocals. The band 10CC was also involved on this album.

Justin Hayward and John Lodge is the leading lights of The Moody Blues and this duo released this album when The Moody Blues went into a long, long break. 

This album is often regarded as the unofficial The Moody Blues album. Something that becomes evident when listening to this album.

The music is very much in their mother band's vein.

Soft symphonic prog with a lot of strings and soft vocals. The vocals are off course top notch and the pastoral music is based on them again.

The music is a bit too sugary sweet at times and reminds me about pop music before The Beatles blew apart that scene once and for all. There is not much rock on Blue Jays......

That aside, the music is really good on this album. A forty seven minutes long album that will bring joy to those who loves old style symphonic prog and The Moody Blues. 

Hayward & Lodge is again touring together as a duo..... was the plan before the Covid pandemic hit us.

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