Thursday 21 March 2019

Jaivas. Los - Arrebol (2001)

The 14th album from this band from Chile.

Los Jaivas was a quintet with a lineup of drums, bass, caracas, trutruca, siku, quena, guitars, piano, keyboards, moog, clavinova, synths, tambourine, cultrun, cowbell and Spanish vocals.

This album is their final album so far and that conclude my ten reviews of their album. I am not bothered about their live, best of and archives albums.

The band started out as a folk music band in the 1970s before they moved towards progressive rock and rock pop. They did not leave their roots, though. Los Jaivas has always been a folk rock band.

Their farewell album (??) takes us again back towards folk music. Not as much as on their debut album 48 years ago. But it is still folk music who dominates the airwaves here.

The music is pretty exotic and wildly South American. Something that we in the northern hemispheres appreciate.

There are also some more rock and pop here. And those songs are pretty bad.

The folk music stuff is decent to good. The usage of children choir in a childish pop tune is horrible.

This is a decent enough album. It is still an album not for those who are curious about this band and want to listen to their music. This album is only for their fans.

2 points


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