Friday 18 October 2019

Oregon - Lantern (2017)

The 24th album from this US band.

The band was as quartet with a lineup of oboe, synths, double bass, drums, guitars, piano, soprano sax, bass clarinet, English horn and percussion.

After a very, very long career in the jazz and fusion scene, the band returned again with this album. Anno this date, it is their latest album and probably their final album too.

The band has mostly operated at the avant-garde end of the jazz scene and has released many very interesting albums in that genre. I have had the pleasure of reviewing some of them and they have left  me with some good inspirations.

The band has also released some raga rock albums too and has made their mark on the music scene.

The band has softened up on this album though and gives us an acoustic album with acoustic guitars in the forefront together with bass and woodwinds.

The music sounds like is made for the band to be enjoyed by themselves as performers and in the studio.

There is a couple of good details here. But this is mostly a straight jazz album which does not really live up to their good name and reputation. But I do not begrudge them making albums like this.

2 points

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