Sunday 12 April 2020

Fluance - Lunacy (2020)

The debut album from this British band/project.

The band is a quintet with a lineup of drums, bass, guitars, piano, organ, synths, percussion and vocals.
They had help from numerous other musicians who provided saxophones, guitars, piano harp and vocals.

This band is new to me so there is not much I can say about them.

I off course knows about Duncan Mackay from Alan Parsons Project, Kate Bush, 10CC and Camel. He is a regular member of this band.

The band is very much influenced by the melodic rock Pink Floyd were doing at the end of their life. Ditto for David Gilmour's albums too.

There is also a lot of Camel in their music and Alan Parson's Project.

The vocals and the musicians is good here and deliver the goods if this is your kind of music. It is very much a Pink Floyd'ish album.

The music here is very airy and melodic.

It also has some good songs and some good details. It is a bit on the pedestrian side.....

Nevertheless, it is a good album and well worth checking out.

3 points

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