Sunday 29 September 2019

Pagani. Mauro - Mauro Pagani (1978)

The debut album from this Italian artist.

Mauro Pagani did the bouzouka, violin and viola here.
He had help from numerous other musicians on guitars, synths, drums, all kinds of percussion, woodwinds, flutes, vocals and bass.

Mauro Pagani was a member of PFM before he went solo and then back to PFM if I am not much mistaken.

That is not the type of music we get here, though.....

After some listening sessions, I have found the label "world music" and that fits the music on this album.

Take gypsy music, some jazz, Eastern, African, Arabic, Middle East and Balkan folk music. This is what we get here.

There are some female vocals on this album too. They too are in the gypsy mood.

I cannot really say that the quality of the music is anywhere good on this thirty plus minutes long album. Half of the album is decent enough while the rest is pretty forgettable.


1.5 point

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