Friday 15 January 2021

Apogee - The Garden Of Delights (2003)


The fourth album from this German one man band.

Apogee is Arne Schaefer on guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals. He has got help from Uwe Vollmar on drums and percussion and a guitarist on one tracks.

I have reviewed a couple of his albums and has so far liked what I have heard.

Arne Schaefer does neo-prog in the German vein.

There is a lot of Van Der Graaf Generator and Peter Hammil in the music on this five tracks and seventy minutes long album.

There is also this German melancholy take on neo-prog too. Add some Marillion too and you get this album.

The vocals is really good and Arne uses the sparse resources offered to him in a very effective way. The music is pretty complex and technical.

The longest song is well over twenty minutes long and the shortest around five minutes long.

The music is good throughout although I would not brand the music here ground breaking. 

This is a solid, good neo-prog album in the German tradition and will find a lot of fans.

3 points

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