Saturday 16 June 2018

Plenty - It could be Home (2018)

The debut album from this British band.

Plenty is a trio with a lineup of keyboards, guitars, drums, bass and vocals.

This band is actually Tim Bowness first prog rock band. They were pretty active thirty years ago.

One of the members has kept the tapes and the band active. Two years ago, the trio met up again and recorded the songs from the 1980s and wrote a couple of new songs. The album was produced by Jacob Lupo Holm from White Willow.

The album is forty five minutes long and you can find it at the link above. 

The re-recording of the old songs has been pretty true to the 1980s scene and sound. The album bizarre enough starts with the Rolling Stones ballad As Tears Go By. I am starting to fear the worst....
Then we move onto the proper Plenty songs.

Songs which has some trippy electronica on the top of some poppy 1980s songs. There are some pretty easy to find Simple Minds and The Human League influences here. There are some hints of neo-prog too on this album.

The vocals are good and the piano is also good. The sound and production is very good. 

The music is at times soft and trippy. The quality of the songs are a bit hit and miss. There are some good ones and some barely decent ones. I am not really convinced about this album.. Hence......

2.5 points

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