Friday 22 June 2018

Swara Samrat - The Truth About Suzanne (1993)

The second and final album from this German band.

Swara Samrat was a duo with a lineup of percussion, piano, flute, organ, guitars, bass, synths, drums and vocals.

The band was Swara Samrat and Captain Ilor. I do not think that is their birth-names. But who cares...

I did not have the chance to listen to their 1979 debut album Lottery Of Memories. It is a highly rated album so I hope to get it one day.

The music here is krautrock. Krautrock with lots of dissonant electric guitars, synths and organs. The vocals is pretty basic.

The music itself is pretty basic on this thirty odd minutes long album. The music is anchored by some percussion and feels very improvised.

There is not much of melodies here. Then again, the music is not bad at all. The music is psychedelic and a bit spaced out too.

This is a decent enough album and one not to be missed. It has a it's charms and class. Check it out.

2 points


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